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Wellsboro PA – Home of Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon

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Are you tired of looking at your backyard? Come play in ours, a short drive to another world. The Wellsboro area, home of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, offers hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails from flat packed surfaces to rugged mountain terrain. Spend time fishing, swimming and canoeing in one of the many area parks. They’re free in Pennsylvania! Maybe you’d like to try horseback riding or have an off road adventure. It’s time to relax. Spend a few nights in one of our many lodging options and enjoy fabulous meals at your choice of area restaurants. Stroll the gas lit streets of Wellsboro where you’ll find family owned businesses offering personal attention to your needs. Maybe you’d rather take a scenic train, trolley or go rafting. You’ll find it all here in the Wellsboro area. Come and see us, it’s a short drive from your back yard to ours!


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