Sled Shed TV

Sled Shed T.V. was created in late 2009 by Scott ,aka. "INDY"  to educate the new snowmobiler just getting into the sport, or the snowmobiler who doesn't always work on their own snowmobiles, but wanted to, and for the experienced snowmobiler who wanted to get a certain add-on product for their snowmobile, but wasn't quite sure if they wanted to buy before someone else tried the product. Remeber we are not just another site with paid advertisers and flashy links !!!  We INSTALL  AND TEST every advertisers product  when we put them on our site, and you get to see it first hand, right here, on Sled Shed T.V. New trail videos are now posted in the trail/misc. video section !!!   ENJOY !!! So sit back, relax, educate yourself, check out some new products, or just laugh at what we do.  But most of all Enjoy !!! We are on facebook !!!